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Our business was built on quality, service and client satisfaction.
We handle all aspects of your project from drawings to quarry to fabrication to job site.

About Claudian L.P

CLAUDIAN, L.P. is a U.S. based company with offices in Los Angeles and New York. We specialize in high-quality materials from Italy, Spain, China, and Turkey among others.
Among the CLAUDIAN L.P. product lines are Glass Tiles, Marble, Granite, Slate, Sandstone, Limestone, Ceramic and Porcelain. The categories cover all major purposes including mosaics, slabs, countertops, etc. We specialize in wood flooring as well as in any custom made wood products such as Vanity bases, Wardrobes, Doors, as well as all hardware.
Claudian’s professional relationships with few Good reliable factories and Countless quarries allow it to offer products prepared in advance production lines while controlled and fully guided by a full-time team of professionals Claudian operations, in compliance with ISO 9001/9002.

Claudian products are sold to projects only and mostly distributed in North America and Europe. We delivers to all major Hotel chains as well as to major construction companies during its over 12 years of domestic and international experience.

Claudian’s established reputation and impeccable work in the hotel industry has left it with countless loyal, longtime customers, and its vision and ability to acquire unique products makes it perfectly poised to complete new, innovative projects.


All our raw materials are Quarry from around the Globe we have the distinction to buy direct from the Source and fabricate to order.


Claudian employ local engineers in the USA who travel and walk every project through the stages These  along with professional local crews in each factory that are Engineers and technicians to execute all specified by architects to flawless results.



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